We know December 7th, 1941 was the date thebJapanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but it was on this date 10 months later that the Japanese did something for the first and only time during World War Two.  They
were able to launch a successful bombing run of the U-S mainland.

The Japanese used a float plane or a pontoon plane they transported on a submarine.  Not sure how they did that, but it was a very small plane they launched from the water and their target was…..of all places…..Oregon.

Nuboa Fujita was the pilot and he was able to drop fire bombs on Mount Emily State Forest setting it on fire.  Nobody got hurt.  There was no long-term damage other than to the trees.

What it did for the Japanese was prove they could attack the continental United States and for those who knew about it in this county was raise an element of fear over a war that up to that point had been fought well away
from our shores.

Most people never heard about it though because President Roosevelt ordered a news blackout.  He feared it would affect morale.

Can you imagine that happening today?  The whole world would know about it in an instant.

SOURCE: HistoryChannel.com

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