Weird Gameshow
I often think that we have some strange game shows here in the United States.  Then I watch some clips showing what they've got in Japan and ours seem so tame.  Watch as these two girls try to blow a cockroach in a tube into each other's mouth.
So. Many. Rabbits. [VIDEOS]
Many people have the image of being in a pile full of puppies. All of those cute little fur-balls nuzzling up beside you. Now lets swap puppies for bunnies.... have you ever thought of that?
There is a place in Japan nicknamed Rabbit Island for their large population of rabbits just running around...
Mountain Dew
I gotta give Frito Lay some credit. They are certainly getting creative with their food flavors! They've decided to put a spin on Cheetos by adding "Mountain Dew" to their flavor list.
Yo-Yo Champ
Did you know that the yo-yo was first invented as a weapon? It's true.
Did you know that there is actually a National Yo-Yo Championship in Japan? This guy is crazy good with the yo-yo. It kind of makes you sad that you can't even get it to come back up to your hand, doesn't it?
Japan Bombs Oregon – Dale’s Daily Data
We know December 7th, 1941 was the date thebJapanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but it was on this date 10 months later that the Japanese did something for the first and only time during World War Two.  They
were able to launch a successful bombing run of the U-S mainland...
Japanese Women Beat USA For World Cup Soccer Championship [VIDEO]
It came down to penalty kicks and the Japanese women came out on top of the United States Sunday night in Frankfurt, Germany.  The American women controlled most of the game but came up short on a number of great chances.  Finally, the U-S squad took a 2-1 lead in regulation only to see the Japanese…
Top Comic Russell Brand Deported From Japan
British comedian Russell Brand has been expelled from Japan according to his wife, American Pop Star Katy Perry. Perry claims the reason was because of priors from over 10 years ago. Yahoo.com has more on the latest about Russell Brand.
Keep Japan In Your Thoughts And Prayers
Can you imagine losing your home or your entire town because of an earthquake and a tsunami?  That thought is unfathomable to most of us.  Many Japanese people are living with this nightmare and will be for many years to come.  The rebuilding of Japan will take hundreds of billions of…

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