We've all been there—it's the night before Thanksgiving, everyone's back in town to visit family, and where is a better place to catch up with old friends than at the neighborhood dive? Jason Aldean and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon capitalized on the humorous people-watching aspect of this phenomenon in a hilarious video taped for Aldean's appearance on the show this week.

In the video, the pair sing a rollicking tune describing all the changes they see in their old classmates and neighbors from years ago. "Pies are in the oven, gosh I love my folks but I'm gettin' sick of 'em," muses Aldean, as he escapes his family for the evening and enters the bar.

From there it's off and running, with the two observing everything from the bouncer who used to kick them out when they were underage, to the "girl who had a kid" who's now drinking with her son, to their old math teacher who's chugging a beer...oh, and the guy with the neck tattoo...and the guy who never wore pants (and still isn't wearing them).

All in all, it's a fun celebration of "clearing the air" and just having a good time. Aldean and Fallon give cheers to "gaining 30 pounds" and poke fun at those unfortunates who have a little less hair on their heads these days.

"Tomorrow we'll wish we didn't go so hard,," admits the pair. "But tonight we will go hard!" Well, at least there's plenty of comfort food the next day to soak up all the resulting hangovers!

Aldean's ninth album, 9, dropped on Nov. 22. He's set to hit the road on the We Back Tour in 2020, with opening acts Morgan Wallen, Riley Green and Dee Jay Silver, beginning on Jan. 30 in Columbia, S.C.

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