It's hard to believe that there's something out there that Jason Aldean hasn't accomplished in his red-hot career, but he has yet to pick up Entertainer of the Year at an awards show.

The Georgian has his next shot at the title come November 1, when the 2012 CMA Awards take place in Nashville. Aldean is nominated in a total of three categories that night, including Male Vocalist of the Year, Single of the Year for 'Dirt Road Anthem,' and of course, the top honors.

"It's a big honor when you get nominated for any of those things because it comes from the industry and your peers," Aldean tells Taste of Country of his latest nods. "I think it's a big honor to get nominated for any of that stuff. Entertainer of the Year, to me, there's never been any question, is one that's on my bucket list that I want. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. I would trade all the rest of them in for that one. That one means more to me than probably any of them, but if they give me one of the other ones, I'll take that, too... I'm just sayin'!"

In addition to hoping for more metal for his mantle, Aldean is gearing up to perform at the awards show. He is rumored to be premiering his yet-to-be-announced second single from his newly released album, 'Night Train.' While he is no stranger to taking the stage in front of thousands of fans night after night, the singer says award shows are a bit different.

"The only time that I'm ever nervous on stage is when I'm doing live TV -- especially at an awards show -- just because I know that you can't fix it," he admits. "If I screw up and we're taping something, I can go back and do it again and get it done. When you're doing something on live TV, one screw-up and it's there! There ain't no fixing it. It's a little nerve-wracking because you've always got that in the back of your mind. Usually the songs that you play on those shows, you've played a million times so you feel pretty confident with them. For me, a lot of times, it's looking out and seeing the George Straits of the world sitting there in the front row looking at you. That's a little intimidating for me. That kind of adds more pressure to it."

The 2012 CMA Awards will air live on ABC on Thursday, November 1 at 8PM ET. Stay tuned to Taste of Country, as we will recap all the night's highlights, including all of the winners and performers.

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