Hank Jr. walked off stage during the recent taping of the CMT Artist of the Year special which airs December 13th.  Hank was slated to sing the song “Tattoos on This Town” a duet with honoree Jason Aldean and after the first take, Hank walked off stage.  

“I’ve heard people mess up my songs and screw up Daddy’s songs. I was here to honor Jason, a kid I really like,” he said in a statement to Country Weekly. “When I walked out there, it didn’t feel right, it didn’t sound right. I didn’t want to disrespect him.”

Jason’s response to the strange incident was

“I think when it comes to Hank, the only thing that you can predict about Hank is that he’s unpredictable,” Aldean tells Hitflix. “I’m still a huge fan. He’s one of my idols, one of the guys that I grew up listening to. I’m a huge fan and, you know, it was a little weird, but its Hank Jr., what are you going to say?”

Okay I get that Hank didn’t want to disrespect Jason but come on he knew ahead of time what he was doing there and what song he was about to sing.  To me it was rude what he did, there is a word for it “unprofessional”.  Just my opinion.

Jason did a re-tape after the walk off so most likely none of this incident will be seen on the broadcast.

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