Jennifer Lopez might be a pop artist you’d think would be least likely to cover a country song, but at the inaugural date of her "All I Have" residency in Vegas, she chose to include an emotional tune by Lee Ann Womack in her set. Lopez sang “I Hope You Dance,” one of Womack’s most well-known tunes, and dedicated it to her twins, Max and Emme.

Lopez wore an elaborate white dress, standing atop a platform underneath which allowed it to cascade down several feet and host a projection of a majestic celestial scene. She seemed to be floating in mid-air as she performed the song with a bit of a pop twist and a quicker tempo than the original, adding her own style to the ballad. The arrangement also incorporated a gospel element toward the end, backed by the fullness of a choir, which made the performance all the more powerful. A graceful pair of dancers appeared during the gospel sequence as well, rounding out the breathtaking production.

The artist says she could barely get through the song in rehearsals because she kept thinking about her children.

"You know what, in rehearsal every time I sing the damn song I get choked up," Lopez told ET. "Like, the dancers, they know me, the band they're like, 'She's going to cry again.' I can't help it. It makes me emotional to think about them."

Lopez is no stranger to the country realm entirely, as she serves as a judge on American Idol alongside Keith Urban and once chose “I Hope You Dance” for contestant-turned-star Lauren Alaina to sing on Season 10. The show wraps up its final season this year, which Urban says is bittersweet, but perhaps it won’t be its last iteration.

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