No matter which way you look at Jennifer Nettles, she's beautiful. But while talking about "Drunk in Heels" from her latest album, Playing With Fire, Nettles shared with us that she does have an angry side, too.

"I have a couple of modes of angry; I have a either fight fake arguments or talk with my friends, like could blister your ears anger with rapid fire about whatever I feel about the subject," the country singer admits. "But I'm not very confrontational, I don't enjoy conflict."

The track that uncovers Nettles' "dark side", "Drunk in Heels," was penned by herself and fellow country artist Brandy Clark. The sassy anthem tells the tale of full-time working women who have to come home and immediately start slaving away at what seems to be a second job.

Nettles spitfires the hardships of womanhood, and not-so-subtly proclaims that the girls may have it harder than the boys.

"If I go to work / I have to make up my whole face / And I'd want some others to
shoot the whole damn place / Well, I'll just have to deal / If I bring home the bacon, I have to fry it up in a pan / I'm not saying it's easier to be a man / But let's get real / When we get drunk, we do it in heels," Nettles sings in the chorus.

The 41-year-old country singer and mom may not deal with her anger like that in real life, but she disclosed that she has her own, maybe unhealthy, way to keep her from blowing her top.

"Many times what will happen when I get angry is I well get to a point that rather than explode, I will implode," she admits. "That's not really the best thing, but that is how it happens."

Nettles' second solo album, Playing With Fire, is now available. The album features her current single "Unlove You" and a duet with Jennifer Lopez called "My House."

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