There is no off-season when it comes to the NFL and the Buffalo Bills. Sure, there are no games being played at the moment, but the past three weeks have been some of the most hectic weeks we have ever seen in the NFL.

Bills fans have been showing their pride all over social media lately, with the news of a stadium agreement being reached and free agent signings, such as star edge rusher Von Miller.

What celebrities are Bills fans? You probably know some of the same names we have been hearing for years: William Fichtner, Christopher McDonald, etc.

But there's a professional athlete who showed his love for the Bills and as it turns out, he was actually born in Buffalo.

The Bills shared a video of Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker being interviewed by Root Sports game broadcast.

Winker said he is not a college football fanatic, but rather, a member of Bills Mafia and said he has enjoyed tailgating with Bills fans.

Maybe even jumping through a folding table.

I love how he was so enthusiastic about specifying that he does not go to college football tailgating. He goes to Buffalo Bills tailgates.

Winker was recently traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Seattle Mariners. He was born in Buffalo but moved away as a kid, but clearly is still a proud Bills fan.

I never knew this and I'm glad this video exists.

Famous People Who Are Bills Fans

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