has put out a list of jobs either on the way out or evolving.  When I chose this profession when I was a kid I never dreamed there might come a day when my services may no longer be required.  But back then who could have envisioned computers that do just about everything?  Yep, broadcasters are on the endangered species list of jobs that have an uncertain future, but it all depends on what kind of broadcaster you are and what kind of skills you have.

Some of the other jobs on the endangered list:

Librarians – people still love books, but the job of the librarian is evolving.  The librarian of the future will need digital skills to help users with research projects and to find the resources they need.

Professional typists – do elementary school kids even know what a typewriter is?  For those willing to adapt their talents to software applications, the job is evolving.

Video store clerk – the job is extinct.

Travel agents – with people able to research and book their own travel plans, the need for a travel agent is fading.  But the job is evolving especially for those who specialize in adventure/foreign travel or special events packages.

Newspaper deliverer – nearly extinct.  With newspapers themselves struggling for subscribers, the need to deliver them is evaporating.

The switchboard operator – a job that’s evolving, but fading.  So many companies greet callers with an automated message.  Not here though.  You’ll likely hear Sharon - our favorite switchboard operator/receptionist.

Supermarket cashier – more and more stores are going to the self checkout lanes.  Wegman’s is a holdout though – but even they are soon introducing self checkouts.  But you still need workers to keep an eye on them though and help out when customers get stuck.

Postal workers – an evolving job.  Fewer and fewer letters are being mailed these days, but more people are buying items on line, meaning postal workers are delivering more packages these days.

Here’s the entire list of endangered occupations.

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