Taylor Swift makes her fame by writing songs about guys she had "so-called" relationships with and it works!  Her song "Dear John", which is off her 2010 "Speak Now" album,  is supposedly about her encounter with John Mayer.  So, what does John think about the song "Dear John" two years later?  Haha..(I've been waiting for someone to fire back).   John will be sharing some of his thoughts on that in an article featured in "Rolling Stone" magazine due out tomorrow.  Mayer told the magazine that he.... feels "humiliated" by the song.  He went on to say that he "never did anything to deserve that," and it was "a real lousy thing for her to do."  I guess that is the chance you take when hooking up with Miss T-Swizzle.  Mayer added that he was never phoned or sent a text by Taylor, letting him know how she felt.  This is the best part...the "dis" that you may have been waiting for...Mayer called Swift's songwriting style "cheap."

(Metro Source)

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