The Buffalo Bills fans are heartbroken after last night's overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 33-27.

The Bills had a slow start, trailing 24-3 in the first half, but stormed back to tie the game 27-27 at the end of regulation.

While the penalties and non-penalties were at the top of Bills fans' minds yesterday, Bills quarterback Josh Allen's second half performance was nothing short of spectacular. He put the team on his back in the third and fourth quarter of yesterday's game, and was the reason why the Bills had a chance to win.

Allen completed 36 of 54 passes for over 300 yards and two passing touchdowns. Allen also ran for 109 rushing yards, which makes Allen the fourth quarterback in NFL history to pass for 300 yards and rush for 100 in a single game (Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, Russel Wilson).

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Allen was also hurt late in yesterday's game as he was tackled by Bucs linebacker Devin White. Allen was seen in a walking boot after the game, and the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported this morning it appears to be a mild case of turf toe.

Allen didn't miss any plays. In fact, Bills center Mitch Morse said that Josh wanted to call more quarterback-designed runs after he was hurt, which shows just how tough as nails he is and how he wanted to put the team on his back.

Overall, Allen's had some perfect games in blowout wins (last year's Denver and New England road games come to mind), but yesterday's second half was probably his most impressive half of football in the NFL.

Allen was unstoppable. Throwing or rushing, he moved the ball at will and took the Bills on his back those last few drives. If that Bills team can be the team that shows up the rest of the season, they will win out and have a shot still at the AFC East.

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