The Buffalo Bills have bettered their roster the past two weeks with free agency, as the team is looking to finally get over the hump and reach the Super Bowl next season.

Josh Allen will be a part of that mission and to say he's been excellent the past two seasons, would be an understatement.

Allen has developed into one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the entire NFL and one of the things that sets him apart is not only the arm talent, but also his ability to run the football and create mismatches against defenses.

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However, that running style makes coaches nervous, including Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

McDermott told Judy Battista of NFL Media, via Pro Football Talk, that they want the Bills offense to "evolve."

“Yeah, we want to evolve,” McDermott told Judy Battista of NFL Media. “We’re always trying to evolve — on the field, off the field, schematically — and in this case with Josh’s running or the amount of times that we run him, we have to continue to evolve that way and making sure we’re doing right by him by doing right by our team."

Essentially, McDermott wants Allen to run the ball less to protect himself from injury.

This could be a tell-tell sign that the Bills will draft running back or interior offensive line in the first round, but cornerback and wide receiver also remain viable options for the Bills.

Allen's running ability is one of his most dangerous skillsets, but I get why McDermott would want Allen to run less.

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