Kacey Musgraves is up for the Best New Artist Grammy, an all-genre category. The singer, who will tour with pop queen Katy Perry on her upcoming trek, is starting to nab plenty of mainstream looks as her career takes off, but she remains firmly country. In this video leading up to tomorrow night's (Jan. 26) ceremony, she reveals how she found out about her nomination and what life is like on the road.

Mugraves first pointed out that she feels supported by country music, as well as by other genres and music lovers everywhere. Not a bad place to be!

She found out she was nominated for Best New Artist while doing what she does best -- performing. "I freaked out," the singer said. "I was actually on stage. It was an awesome moment to share that with my band and I got to cheer with the crowd."

Musgraves has pretty much lived on the road to get where she is today. She offered a snapshot of her life on tour, saying, "Every day on the road is different." There is never the same schedule and she struggles, since "I like a little bit of routine." But she gets through it "by having people you enjoy being around," like her musicians, who are like her family. Her dog comes on the road, too, which is like a piece of home.

Musgraves revealed she likes to write while on the road, as long as she can find somewhere comfortable to work. She specifically enjoys co-writes, since those really get her creative juices flowing and she digs the collaborative process.

Good luck to Kacey Musgraves on all of her Grammy nominations.

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