Keith Urban is back on the road, and he’s so excited to be playing music for his devoted fans that he’s pulling out all the stops. The ‘You Gonna Fly’ hitmaker recently wrapped up a series of shows in Canada and the Northeast, pausing in New Hampshire to join forces with fellow country crooner David Nail. The two stars wowed fans by putting on their own rendition of Brooks and Dunn‘s ‘Brand New Man.’

During his set, Urban called out his friend to help him out on a tune. Nail walked on stage, and the crowd cheered so loudly that nobody could actually hear what Urban and Nail were saying to each other. After a short hug, Urban stepped up to the mic and launched into the first verse of the classic country hit.

Urban played the part of a strong back-up guitarist during the verses, but — of course — lent his beautiful harmonies to Nail’s lead vocals during the song’s chorus.

The Australian country star has been careful to pay homage to his fellow country stars during his current tour. Just last week, he covered Miranda Lambert‘s ‘Fastest Girl in Town,’ although, he had to change the words a little bit to sing from a man’s perspective!

Despite talking heavily about getting back to his music career, it looks like Urban is going to pause his career schedule to judge the upcoming season of ‘American Idol.’ The paperwork hasn’t been finalized, but it’s close enough to signed that ‘Idol’ fans are already gearing up to hear Urban’s accent on the small screen.

In January 2013, Urban will get back to his performance schedule when he kicks off his world tour in Australia. It’s going to be a very busy few months for Urban, but we’re looking forward to seeing his face when ‘Idol’ picks up again in 2013.

Watch Keith Urban and David Nail Cover ‘Brand New Man’

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