Country music was well represented on Monday night (Sept. 27) during the third episode of the Blind Auditions on Season 21 of NBC’s The Voice. Collecting another promising talent for her team was coach Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson — along with fellow coaches John Legend, Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande — carefully listened on as R&B standout Jeremy Rosado showed off his incredible range and undeniable falsetto on Rascal Flatts’ 2009 smash "Here Comes Goodbye." After his beautiful and unique delivery of the country ballad, Clarkson, who spun her chair around near the end of the performance and just seconds before Shelton, was first to deliver remarks.

“First of all, that was incredibly cool because I was like, 'Okay, R&B singing a country song.' That’s what we do on Team Kelly, because that’s what I love to do, personally. I don't have anybody — I'm gonna be honest, nobody has anybody on their team like you because nobody sings like you."

Although Clarkson was impressed by the 29-year-old Tampa native, she made sure to share a few pointers with the singer to help move him further on in the competition.

“There were a couple of parts, where I was like, 'Hmm,'” she said before reasoning, "But you’re so overwhelmingly talented that I would go for emotion over pitch when it comes to a vocalist like you. I would love to coach you!"

Before allowing Shelton to comment, Clarkson also worked in a gift opportunity to try and persuade Rosado to join her team. Showing off a silky jacket with the words "Team Kelly" spread across the back, she said, "You’d look really cute in this turquoise number, just saying!"

Shelton, who happened to nab the first performer of the night to channel a country tune, said, "What I love from your performance is that you wouldn't take no for an answer. You just kept getting better and better, and that’s the kind of artist I want to work with, the ones who just continue to dig, and even in the moment you did that, and that’s an impressive dude."

Rosado thanked Shelton and the rest of the coaches for sharing their thoughts about his performance before selecting Clarkson as his coach.

Before fans got to hear Rosado’s rendition of “Here Comes Goodbye,” the Season 21 hopeful tearfully shared a heartfelt personal story of how his sister lost custody of his niece, Jocelyn. He also added that although his sister isn’t able to mother her daughter, his mom took on custody, and he stepped in to take on the role of Jocelyn’s father.

"I was thirteen, and Jocelyn was two. My life fast-forwarded quickly, and I became the man of the house. I potty trained her and took her to school every day. As I grew older and became an adult, I didn’t want my mom to have to raise a kid again. I felt like it was time to step in and take that responsibility off her shoulders. I was 22 when I officially became Jocelyn’s guardian. My music career had to be on the backburner ... but, I missed my daughter's graduation, and she told me, 'I'm not going to let you give up another opportunity.'"

Fans can keep up with Rosado's journey on The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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