You can recharge your battery while you recharge your battery.

While filling up your belly and getting back up to snuff with some delicious KFC, you can also recharge your phone with the restaurant's new (for a limited time only) Watt a Box. Yup, you charge your phone in the box that contains your food. In addition to your chicken and whatever sides you choose, "The box comes with a detachable 6,100mAh Lithium-ion battery, a USB cable for Android phones and an Apple lightning cable for iPhones."

The only down side? While the phone is zooming to 100% you may be forced to actually talk to your dinner companions. Conversation while eating? How pre-21st century. You'll be like the pioneers.

Sadly, this technological wizardry is only available in India. And they're not for sale. Customers can only get their hands on one of the boxes through a contest in the country. Charge your phones and text your friends to spread the word.

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