It's wedding season.  If you have been lucky enough to plan a wedding this summer or fall, chances are you've had to deal with this dilemma.  Do we invite kids to the reception or not? depends.

There are a lot of people who believe that kids should always be a part of a celebration like that. I am not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. And there are times that having kids at a wedding reception are totally acceptable. For instance, if your reception is a laid back party in your backyard, absolutely invite them.

However, if you are planning a formal reception at a fancy place, then no. You shouldn't probably have kids there. Again, let me reiterate that I love kids.  But there are a few reasons why kids and wedding receptions don't mix.

  • Alcohol.  There's a lot of it at wedding receptions.  Kind of hard to watch the kids like you should when the bar is open.
  • Most parents can use a little parent time anyway.  Sometimes they appreciate the night out as a break from the kids.  Many parents actually prefer it!
  • Those dinners at fancy wedding halls can be expensive!  If the bride and groom have kids at their reception, chances are, they will end up paying way too much for a dinner of chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese that the kids won't even finish.
  • Ever see a kid run around a wedding cake? Enough said.
  • Kids bedtimes come early.  You don't want your guests with kids to have to take off early.
  • Chances are, they will be bored anyway.  They're kids.  Stuff that keeps us entertained doesn't always keep them entertained so who can blame them?  It's kind of hard to try to get them to behave a certain way when they don't understand why they are supposed to.

If you are the bride or groom, be prepared if you decide to NOT have children attend your wedding.  Some people get very offended.  But also keep in mind that it's YOUR wedding.  You have every right to make it the day you want it to be.

Sometimes out of state guests have a hard time finding babysitters for their kids that night.  One solution might be to set up a party just for the kids.  As the bride and groom, it can be worth the money to pay for a couple trusted babysitters to watch the kids of your guests and a lot more fun for them.  It lets the parents know that you are thinking about them and are taking the stress away so they can come and celebrate with you.

What do you think?  Is it a bad idea to have kids at a wedding reception?

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