Social media is both a blessing and a curse. True, it can be very helpful getting the word out about breaking news or dangerous weather and it sure is cool to keep up with family and old friends. However, there is another side to social media that is down right dangerous.

There has been so much discussion about the popular social media platform, TikTok, and how safe it truly is. Is it a national security issue? Does TikTok steal your personal information? Both?

But the bigger pressing issue, at least for parents, may be that kids try to complete various "challenges" that typically are just plain dumb.

Six males are arrested for allegedly damaging a fence early Monday morning in Selden,NY as part of a "Kool-Aid Man" TikTok challenge. The six people aged 12 to 18, were imitating the advertising campaign for the drink as they damaged the residence's partition.

That's right. Six kids decided to ruin someone's property because of what they saw on TikTok. It seems that we have run out of fun things for kids to do these days? No more being creative or playing sports or being part of clubs and organizations?

Don't get me wrong. Kids have always done things that make you wonder, why? I have been guilty of those as well. Like the "ding-dong-ditch" pranks of the past. Yet even though those pranks did not involve hurting someone or their property.


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