Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins are just two of the familiar faces in a new Western film, Traded, set for release in June.

Traded is set in Kansas in 1883, and it stars Michael Pare — who's best known for his starring role in Eddie and the Cruisers — as a man who is looking to avenge his son's death and rescue his kidnapped daughter. According to IMDB, "a father must leave his ranch for Dodge City to save his daughter from an old enemy, putting his reputation as the fastest draw in the west to the test."

Mark Esslinger wrote the script, and actor, producer and director Timothy Woodward, Jr. directed Traded, which is set to debut on June 10 in a limited theatrical run in New York City, L.A., Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Kansas City and Washington, D.C., according to Rolling Stone. After that, Traded will be available via various on-demand streaming services.

In the official movie trailer above, Kristofferson stars as Billy, an Old West bartender who dispenses drinks and Zen-like wisdom in equal portions. Adkins appears as a tough guy named Ty Stover, and it looks like he needs every ounce of physical fortitude he can come by, since the trailer alone shows him being both hanged and hit with a bat.

There's also plenty of gunplay, fist fighting, horse chases and even a classic Western jump from a horse to a train in Traded. Tom Sizemore and Martin Kove also appear, as does Kristofferson's real-life daughter, Kelly.

“As a small-town boy growing up in South Carolina, I was weaned on all the classic Westerns. So, to have the opportunity to helm an emotionally freighted story of frontier revenge set in the 19th century was more than a dream come true,” Woodward Jr. tells The Boot. “The highlight, obviously, for myself and the entire cast and crew was to watch a true legend, Kris Kristofferson, ply his trade in the same boots he wore in one of his first starring roles in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid.”

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