Kristian Bush has a new solo tune to share with his fans. The former Sugarland member is working on his second solo album and has released its first single, "Sing Along."

Bush penned "Sing Along" with guitarist and producer Andrew DeRoberts. The singer says that the new track is about the "very untimely" end of a relationship.

"It's a wish that I hope you, wherever you are, hear this song, and it gets inside you, and it brings you comfort," Bush explains of his new single. "And whatever mistakes we made, let them wash away for a minute and just remember the beautiful of who we are when we're together."

The chorus of "Sing Along," a catchy and hopeful refrain, speaks to exactly what Bush describes: "I hope my love song's / Bouncing around your heart / And echoing in your head / Just like we're at the start / Remembering what we said / In the end, it doesn't matter / Who was right and who was wrong / So when you think about me, girl / I hope you sing along."

"It never says that in the song," Bush adds, "but maybe the wish is that you'll hear that song and it'll open your heart up enough to come back."

Throughout the past year, Bush tells The Boot, he's found some "new creative partners" in Nashville, in the form of Broken Bow Music Group, which he signed with in February of 2016.

"[The unexpected success of my first solo album] directed me toward a bunch of people in the industry who were very excited about the music I was making; they said, 'We believe in you,'" Bush recalls, adding with a laugh, "The most inspiring thing as an artist is when someone says, 'I believe in you;' sometimes that works even better than Grammys."

After Bush wrote some music for the new play Troubadour, he began working on his new solo project; inspired by Broken Bow's belief in him, "a lot of music came out," Bush says -- so much music, in fact, that his label was shocked when he sent it all to them.

"They kind of looked at me funny, like, 'How do you do this? You're doing this by yourself without a producer but you're ... making all these records by yourself,'" Bush remembers.

Still, label executives were excited by Bush's work, to the point where it was tough to make decisions on which songs to keep and which ones to cut.

"It's a great place to be as an artist; if you confuse your label, you're doing your job," Bush quips, adding that having his label's help with choosing songs was "comforting."

"Sing Along" is available to order on iTunes. Readers can hear it below as well.

Listen to Kristian Bush, "Sing Along":

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