It's always cool when the veterans who served our country are recognized by the community. The City of Lackawanna will do just that by hanging banners of veterans who have served throughout the city.

According to WIVB, 213 of Lackwanna's "Hometown Hero Banners" will now be displayed.

“I think this is a very nice thing they’re doing for us veterans,” Vietnam Veteran Louie Klubak said. “I’m lost for words right now.”

The families of the honored veterans submitted $200 for the banners and they can choose exactly where they will hang on display in Lackawanna.

“It really makes them feel special because they see their parent or their loved one in their fighting age,” said Mayor Jeffrey Szymanski . “Back when they’re young and vibrant. People see seniors and think they’ve always been seniors. No they’re the ones who’ve fought in world war one, two, Vietnam. They’re the one who’ve served our nation and to them, it’s important to honor those who have served our nation.”

If you live in Lackawanna and have a veteran in your family, you can apply to have your loved one honored during the next Hometown Hero ceremony.

Read the full story at WIVB.


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