A wedding photo was left behind on a counter in Western New York this week, and now a good Samaritan is attempting to find its rightful owner. 

 There is a lot that goes on in our heads on a given day. In fact, it is said that the average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, so it makes total sense why we forget things on occasion. 

This photograph, however, is one that would be sorely missed if not returned to its proper owner. 

A customer stopped in at Cheap Chollies Liquor Store in Springville when they left behind the following photo on the countertop. 

Photo Credit: Tiffany Osborne
Photo Credit: Tiffany Osborne

After noticing the picture was taped to the countertop, Tiffany Osborne took a picture of it to share on Facebook, along with a description as to how the image was spotted. Osborne suspects that the photo fell out of someone’s wallet. 

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 The picture shows a woman in a bridal gown, getting her hair done. It looks like it may be a bride with her mother, and the photo is in black and white. There is no date on the picture, but the corners are slightly ripped which makes it appear to be a relatively older picture [as in one taking decades earlier].

Do you recognize the two people in the photograph? Share the photo and this article with your friends around Western New York. Someone has to know the two women pictured in the photo, and if we all work together as a community, I bet we can find the person who is missing this picture! 

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