Lady Antebellum may be on hiatus from performing until November (frontwoman Hillary Scott welcomed her baby girl and is at home, getting used to motherhood), but that doesn't mean that Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood are just sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs.

The boys are actually performing ... under the name of Dick Fantastic and the Fabulous Four Skins.

That's right, you read that correctly. Kelley's new side project, which we recently reported was playing in Nashville, performed Tuesday (Aug. 13) at the city's beloved venue, Third and Lindsley.

If you think the name of their alter-ego band is ridiculous, get a load of their through-the-roof crazy outfits. The band, consisting of Kelley, Haywood and much of Lady A's road band, wore costumes consisting of sunglasses, head sashes, wig, and a fanny pack with a zebra attached.

"People say we look a lot like those guys from Lady Antebellum. I hate that band. Such a stupid name," 'Dick' (aka Kelley) joked onstage, adding, "Really, we just haven’t played a show in a couple of months and we’re going stir crazy..."

Just to clear things up, he told the audience, "I swear we are not on any drugs of any kind. Like I said, we’ve just had too much time on our hands by ourselves," according to Country Weekly.

The guys' completely over-the-top performance (which is 100 percent different from their polished Lady A set) included songs from Prince, Lionel Richie, Montell Jordan, the Proclaimers, Michael Bolton, Joe Cocker and others.

Of course, the Lady A dudes aren't the first to form alter egos, as Taylor Swift, Hank Williams and other country stars have had a little fun with other personas, as well. Soon, Kelley and Haywod will be back to their country selves, as the fan-favorite trio will hit the streets on Nov. 8 for their 2013 Take Me Downtown Tour, which will be the first live sets post-baby.



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