If you dig into your family tree, you could find a few monumental people in it, from pilgrims to celebrities and everything in between. And there are many country music stars who have equally famous relatives, many of whom are in the music industry as well.

Of course, there are the obvious family ties: The Band Perry is made up of siblings Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry, and Hank Williams Jr. followed in his father's influential footsteps and shares the same name. But there are also several country singers who have famous family ties that you may not know about.

Kelly Clarkson probably never dreamed that she would one day be Reba McEntire's daughter-in-law, and Tim McGraw didn't discover that baseball player Tug McGraw was his father until he was almost a teenager, when he found his birth certificate in his mother's closet while searching for Christmas presents (and got the surprise of his life!).

Whether it's a cousin, in-law, grandfather or another type of relation, learn more about country stars' famous relatives by clicking through the photo gallery below. Are there any that surprise you?

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