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6 Ugly Things From This Week
There’s always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it’s across the country, down to Music City in Nashville, or right here in our WNY backyards. This week country music was pumping out the ugly news left and right.
james otto gets revenge
James Otto's week started poorly, as he was informed someone may be using his name to fool his fans. Now, the 'Just Got Started Lovin' You' singer is fighting back using the power of social media.
Country Newcomer: Get To Know D. Vincent Williams [VIDEOS]
Every now and then a new artist runs through WYRK studios and performs a mini concert for a few of the staffers.  Most of the time, we find out that the guy/girl has been working the circuit in Nashville or has been writing there for quite a while.  One guy who recently blew through Buffalo on one o…
Veteran’s Day Tribute [VIDEO]
It’s Veteran’s Day, and we honor all veteran’s who have served, are serving and will serve this great nation of ours.  Everyday should be Veteran’s Day!!  Here is some great music to honor our veterans. Check out Dierks B…
Video Flashback of Taste Of Country Concerts
The 12 annual Taste Of Country Concert is now less than three months away. We've had so many great artists over the years grace our stage. Here are a few that were my favorites and don't forget to BUY your tickets now.
[Video] James Otto’s Soldiers And Jesus
James Otto was in the WYRK Studio back in April and played us a new song he had just recorded. Fast forward 8 months and that song is now a hit so we thought we'd repost his video for you all to listen to.