James Otto's week started poorly, as he was informed someone may be using his name to fool his fans. Now, the 'Just Got Started Lovin' You' singer is fighting back using the power of social media.

Otto posted this note to his Facebook wall that he says he got from a fan:

"Did you by chance message me via text and call me? If not, there is someone claiming to be you, stalking your fans on your page, adding them as friends, and if they- like me- have their number on their page, he texts them, thanks them for their post and leads them on for well over an hour!"

A number of his followers commented that they too had been fooled. A short time later, Otto posted a note giving the alleged impostor's phone number to his 93,000 fans. "Turnabout is fair play," he wrote, advising fans who get a text from that number that it's not him.

Otto also indicated he's giving the number to police as well. Taste of Country tried calling, but got a generic voicemail message.

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