The fall weather is a challenge in many ways here in New York State. The sunshine and heat can fade behind clouds and snow in just a matter of hours.

The cooler air might be here in the morning, but the forecast this week is calling for the return of the 80's mid week! However, we grew up in New York State and we know that any minute, we are going to pay for that nice weather.

As the week ends and we get closer to Indigenous People's Day, there are some who are calling for the chance of LAKE EFFECT RAIN!

Here in the Buffalo and Western New York area, we are aware of what Lake Erie and Lake Ontario can do. With the high temps outside the lake temps are also warm and when we get a cool air mass move in, get ready for moisture to drop. The good news is that it won't be cold enough to snow...for now.

Want a new snowblower? You are in luck! Listen to Clay and Company all this week as we will give you a date on the calendar in either November or December. IF if it snows 2 inches or more AT THE BUFFALO AIRPORT for the first time on the date we give win your choice of either a Toro or Cub Cadet blower. The one that you don't pick, we give away at random to one of the other contestants. Good luck!!

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