If you have some extra time (and we know that you do lol) if you're in Lancaster, these signs have popped up in Walden Ponds and Westwood Parks.

The 2020 signs are a nod to Lancaster High School's graduating seniors. WIVB's Gabbrielle Mediak caught up with some kids who went to go check out the signs (of course, they're a great Instagram opportunity as well.)

The idea to put up the signs came from Erie County Legislator Frank Todaro, who had seen the same thing done for Alden seniors. “We had to so something,” he said. “It was an amazing feeling to have people help us in any which way they can.”

“I would like to thank Town of Lancaster Supervisor Ron Ruffino for allowing us to use the parks, Parks Crew Chief Michelle Barbaro, the Department of Public Works, Dawn Gaczewski of Adworks, resident Josh Hagner for his carpentry skills, and Home Depot for donating the materials,” said Todaro.

What other high schools have been putting up sings?

  • Lancaster-Walden Ponds and Westwood Park
  • East Aurora-across from the High School
  • Alden

Tell us where your school's 2020 signs are so we can add them!


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