Wood-fired pizza, house-made fare, local craft beer, cocktails, wine, and of course, exceptional hard cider is what you are going to find at the brand new Taproom at Clarksburg Cider coming at the beginning of Summer.

The hard cider distiller already is up and running, already getting distribution at TOPS Markets, and will also be in more grocery stores and restaurants in the near future. According to the owner Michael Robb, his dad was actually the guy who came up with the idea. He had property that was an old subsistence farm and it was great for planting trees.

Now, the cidery is on 17 acres where more and more apple trees have been planted.

The idea is to use the apples grown on the property in special estate blends when they mature.


It will also have a “full farm-to-table menu, sourcing as much as we can of locally grown and harvested products,” Robb added according to WIVB.

The Taproom at Clarksburg Cider
4493 Walden Avenue

Isn't it amazing how many many breweries have popped up over the years? I made a list of "all" of the breweries in Western New York....even went as far as planning them in order so you could have a strategic route to go to EVERY SINGLE ONE in one day or outing. We started the list in 2015 and there were 11 on the list. Then we updated it and got to 16 a couple years later. Now, there are nearly 50 in the area 6 years later!

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