One of the dreams of being a homeowner has to be living near the water. It's extremely difficult to be a home owner on the water, based on availability and price. They're not easy to come by, and they're even more rare to come as majestic as this home in Niagara County.

Listed for just a shade under $2.2 million on Zillow, this mansion in Youngstown, NY in Niagara County has five bedrooms and three bathrooms with 5,400 square feet in space.

The home's stone design resembles that of a lighthouse, and the back deck and home's overall look reminds you of a magical house in a Hollywood movie; and it's even more amazing that it has a picture-perfect view over Lake Ontario.

The second floor had a patio deck with an outdoor fireplace and the inside had a beautiful kitchen with gorgeous hardwood and stone throughout the home.

The inside also has a huge wine cellar and downstairs game room, which will leave you in awe.

Step inside this amazing home with some photos below.

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