The list of words that are "banished” words and phrases issued by Lake Superior State University in Michigan has come out and it they are submitted by a couple thousand people. Last year's banned words included 'selfie' + 'twerking'.

Let's take a look at 2014's!

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    Didn't they used to be just called 'tips'?

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    Used to shorten 'babe'. Also, the Danish meaning is 'poop'.

    "I love you so much, bae"!

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    Skill Set

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    One guy said: “Whether it's a ‘free gift’ (banished in 1988) or droopy clothing, this word is neither useful nor fancy.”

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    Or sometimes just 'cray' shortened up for 'crazy'.

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    “Although a devout Wisconsin sports fan, I do not belong to Packer-Nation, Badger-Nation, Phoenix-Nation, or Brewer-Nation. Further, I am not aware of any team or mascot that has the carrying capacity to be a nation.” – Kelly Frawley, Waunakee, Wisc.

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    Ploar Vortex

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