You've probably heard the idiom, 'Get Back on the Horse'. Whether your parents or a family member told you or it was someone else, chances are it was after a rough experience of some sort. The original, full version of the saying is, “When you fall off a horse, you have to get back in the saddle”. No one knows who the first person to use the phrase, but it's become one of the most universal motivational phrases for just about every difficult situation.

Brad Paisley has his own take on the phrase, with his new song, 'Bucked Off'. He'll debut it tonight at the CMA Awards in Nashville (8pm on ABC 7).

In an interview with The Boot, Brad said, "I love the throwback thing right now. You can't have too much of that for me."

Paisley, who's co-hosting the CMA Awards, worked with producer Dann Huff this time around. It's not uncommon for an artist to work with different producers to help push them in directions they hadn't considered before, or to help them get a different perspective. And Brad thinks it worked, "What we wound up with, and I think that's magical, is, if you turn the song on in the verse, it's the country-est thing on the radio."

'Bucked Off' follows a long tradition of using a rodeo terms to draw comparisons to relationships...sometimes romantic and sometimes not. This marks the first of new music since Paisley's 2017 album, Love and War.

You don't have to wait until the CMA Awards to hear it - check it out, below.

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