We can't wait to see Morgan Wallen with some new music out in 2020. He's already off to a heck of a career and if you've ever seen him in concert--you know it's nothing short of a party. Here's his brand new song called 'This Bar' and of course, it's always better if you know the words the first time around.

This Bar--Morgan Wallen lyrics

I found myself in this bar
Making mistakes and making new friends
I was growing up and nothing made sense
Buzzing all night like neon in the dark
I found myself in this

Couldn't wait to turn 21
The day I did I got too drunk
Spinnin' round dizzy on the patio
Found out real quick how to take it slow
Got whiskey bent on whiskey sours
Ran my mouth to an out of towner
Learned a big lesson when I met the bouncer

Morgan wrote on social media on New Year's Eve about how the new song came about: "Wrote this song with my buddies about some moments and times in my life that have made me who I am today. Some good, some bad, but all of em I can look back on and grin a little. Hope it makes you do the same. Be safe in whatever Bar you find yourself in tonight. Happy New Years."


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