Here are the lyrics for the new Dylan Scott song called 'Hooked'! Dyland is off to a great career and is still rolling off the success of his #1 hit 'My Girl'. Lets see if he can repeat the same success with Hooked.

New Dyan Scott --Hooked Lyrics

It was a Friday night,
No cover but the cover band was sounding right,
But there you were
Just flirty dancin
By the neon sign
To fishing in the dark and
Reeling in my heart
And I look where you are

I'm hooked on kissing and gettin
Getting you turned on
Buzzing and loving on you
All night long
Like a hit song on the radio
You already know the way it goes
All it took was a look and

I was hooked on
The way that you taking
Taking my shirt off
And running my fingers
Through your long blonde
Hair falling in your eyes
Like the first time they caught mine
All it took was a look and I was hooked

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