I was invited to participate Chef's Media Meatball Eating Contest yesterday! The room was FULL of media -- about 21 of us were ready to throw down some meatballs. We were given 90 seconds and 30 meatballs. The idea of 30 meatballs in 90 seconds is obviously disturbing...so, what happened?

Let's just put this about there -- I LOVE food! I'm not ashamed of my love for food. However, I am slightly embarrassed at how many meatballs I put down, and honestly...the fact that I could have put down more.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

I didn't win the whole shebang (the winner ate 11), but I did win our inter-office competition! This is where my slight embarrassment comes in. I put away seven meatballs in 90 seconds...beating three guys. I told my dad, and honestly, I think it was one of his proudest moments. I told him I was embarrassed, and he said, "Why? It just means that you can put down!" Thanks, Dad.

Watch all the action:

I had a great time and look forward to coming out of my shell and winning next time!

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