The one thing I remember about camping as a child was how long it took to set up our tent. We had an old Coleman tent and you had to lay all the poles out by size and then start the assembly. No matter how many times we did it there was always a struggle. We started camping a lot and I think that why my dad was like, "screw this, we're getting a pop up camper!" Well, a camper is not in my budget..especially for how little I actually go camping. So a new tent was needed and this CORE 12 person tent looked great. Big enough for friends to come but small enough that I don't need to tow it behind my SUV. The bonus was it was an "Instant tent" and the idea of not having to go through the rigamarole like when I was a kid was great! However, I was still instant is it really?

So here it is, this is me setting up the tent straight out the packaging. To be fair I think that maybe they mean two minutes after you know what is going on, which is foreshadowing for it did not take me two minutes. Enjoy.

So I think now it might only take like 5-10 minutes. LOL With the speed you can't see my almost melt downs throughout this process. I will say the CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10' is a great tent in size. Plenty of room. I will report back after I actually use it for the first time.

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