This is the best time of the year! Our TVs are flooded with movies made quickly and cheaply...and it's amazing! I LOVE super cheesy and predictable Christmas movies because you don't have to give them your full attention and your guaranteed a happy ending. Now, Hallmark uses to RUN the market of Christmas movies but now other networks and Netflix are creeping in!

I have not made it through ALL of the Christmas movies because it's impossible but here are five Christmas movies you need to watch this holiday season!

Road To Christmas - Hallmark Channel

This Christmas movie stars Buffalo native Chad Micheal Murray and packs in all the Christmas cliches! A girl who LOVES Christmas and her budding career as a producer has to accept help producing her first live Christmas Cooking special by the star and boss's son guessed it...isn't a huge fan of Christmas and neither are brothers. Can she convince him and his brothers to spend Christmas with their mom and put on the perfect LIVE Christmas cooking special?

The Princess Switch - Netflix

If you haven't heard about this movie yet you're living under a rock! It stars Vanessa Hudgens (of High School Musical) and... Vanessa Hudges. It's Parent Trap, but for Royals. When Stacy, a common baker, heads to the Royal Christmas Baking Contest in Belgravia she runs into someone who looks exactly like her and happens to be a Duchess. The Duchess, who is unsure about her upcoming nuptials with the Prince convinces Stacy to swap lives for just a few days. Can you guess what happens next? Hint, there is already talk of a sequel.

A Christmas Prince/ A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding - Netflix

Last year's fan favorite is back and with a sequel! You still have plenty of time to catch up before The Royal Wedding comes out on November 30th! And you'll LOVE this deliciously cheesy and honestly sometimes cringe-worthy movie. A "journalist" from Chicago is sent to get a scoop on the royal family and their "playboy prince." She somehow finds herself undercover as the young princesses tutor. However, things don't go as planned when she gets caught up in the family and realizes it's not what it seems to be. Love ensues... and the sequel kind of gives away the ending.

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe - Hallmark

Ok, I have not watched this movie yet but the title alone tells me enough! In its TV description, "A career woman who hasn't found love has her life turned upside down when she returns home to care for her sick mother." This sounds like the perfect Christmas movie formula...the girl realizes having a career isn't everything when she meets a man that shows her what Christmas is really all about! Throw in the Pride and Prejudice plot and this can't be bad!

The Holiday Calendar - Netflix

Magical. Advent. Calander. That's really all you need to know... IT'S FREAKIN' MAGICAL!  This movie centers around a photographer who can't seem to get her career off the ground. So when her grandfather gives her an advent calendar that was once her grandmother's, it brightens up the holiday until she realizes it foreshadows her day's events. Oh...did I forget to mention her successful childhood MALE friend comes back to town. Will the advent calendar lead her to Christmas happiness, and will she find true love? .....IT'S FREAKIN MAGICAL!

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