I think if you ask anyone that knows me just a little The Bachelorette would be the last show they would think of me showing up on! It's true...I honestly only know about the ins and outs of the show because my sister, cousins, and mother are obsessed. My sister is actually in a bracket every year so she really knows the show and was super excited when she found out that I would be on an episode.


This honestly has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the WING KING! Drew Cerza was contacted by the show and asked if he would host a contest for the hometown visit and then he asked me to be in it! I guess wing eating and me go together! How could I turn down an opportunity to take part in a wing eating contest with The Bachelorette?!?!

So you see there was nothing special that I had to do... I just needed a face that portrayed someone who would enter a wing eating contest.


LONG! We had to get there super early and just wait for the time to come, which kept getting pushed back. Finally, when it got close to them arriving they gathered us in the room and we ran through how it was going to go a couple of times. They finally brought wings in and we were so hungry and they wouldn't let us touch them! They were just wings for the run through, we weren't going to be using them but we couldn’t touch them!!! The fact that it sticks out in my memory shows you why I was picked for the show! When they finally arrived we all got quiet and waited for our cue and then it was go time.

After the taping was done everyone in the room was starving and we just kept eating the wings off the plates while Becca and Jason were mingling. After Becca, Jason and the cameras left they treated everyone to wings and fries but I had to leave.


Surprisingly, yes. The whole "date" was shot from beginning to end, there were no "staged" scenes. However, they did have them redo a couple of things....kissing for example. During the whole time, she was Becca and he was Jason and they were on a date. They did stop filming at the end so a couple of pictures could be taken and they could chat with some of Jason's friends who showed up to see them.

They didn’t show this but the kid that won the wing eating contest...he really won. Like destroyed it. I was so impressed. I knew I needed to be over the top to make it into the show so I was just SHOVING wings in my mouth. At one point I realized that I needed to chew. I looked to my left and he was devouring them. Also, they didn't let him keep the trophy. Hopefully, they ship it to it him because he deserves it!


Super. I can only imagine what I would be like if I were in her shoes. I sat right next to her and she and I exchanged a few pleasantries and she was sweet. She made a point to take a picture with a super fan in the room and thanked everyone for coming. Jason was very nice too and just happy to be there. Also, he has the whitest teeth I have ever seen in my life.


Obviously, they didn't want people taking pictures because they didn't want them leaking. However, it's 2018 and they were out on the internet before you could say "Reality Steve". We all signed NDA's which included a photo cause... so I can tell you right now it wasn't me. That didn't mean I didn't sneak a few photos to show after the fact and to have for myself. That being said, these aren’t amazing photos and you can barely see Becca and Jason, but here are photos from that day! The producers did take a picture of all the contestants and the couple but they haven’t sent it out yet and who knows if they actually will?!


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