A couple of days ago, we found out that Hotel Henry was going to be shutting down for good before the end of February.  It was bad news for more than just Hotel Henry.

Put yourself in their shoes.  Young couples who are excited that their lives are just about to start together.  They're planning a beautiful wedding at one of Western New York's most sought out venues.  In order to be fiscally responsible, they decide to put a big downpayment to save the date and get ahead of their payments.  They put down let's say $10-$15 thousand dollars.  It isn't until after they've given the money to the venue that they find out, the venue will then be closing before their date actually gets here.  When they try to get their money back, they're told that unfortunately, there's no money to give back.

It's all gone.

What do you do?  Even couples who have been together for years would find it hard to move on past something like that.  That is a lot of money and it would be devastating.

Unfortunately, that is not just a made-up story.  That was the case for multiple couples across Western New York who gave their money to Hotel Henry, only to find out that they were going to be out of business...and the couples would be out of the money.

There was potentially good news from one of the developers today though.  According to WKBW, Douglas Jemal is a local developer who is hoping to purchase the Hotel Henry and if he's successful, he is planning to credit and refund any wedding deposits lost as a result of the Hotel Henry closure.

I said potential good news because it will depend on him being successful in purchasing the Hotel.  In the meantime, The New York State Attorney General's Office is investigating the hotel about the deposits.


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