The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and so you're probably seeing a lot of racehorses on the news and online.

But what happens when a racehorse retires?

One local former racehorse is looking for a new home.

Monday was National Help a Horse Day, where abused and neglected horses are recognized, and a local horse rescue put out a call for help.

Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue in Varysburg is looking for help with one of their charges, Louie.

WKBW reports:

“Louie is a very very happy go lucky horse, he loves people, he loves life," said Lida Mosovich Ellsworth, the President and Founder of the ranch.

According to WKBW, Louie is in pain all the time, and doctors are trying to figure out how to help him.

WKBW reports:

“When he started limping around he started to withdraw, he wouldn’t come out and see people, he wouldn’t come out of the barn so then we knew he was in pain,” said Mosovich Ellsworth.

Louie needs a battery of tests and treatments, and the rescue is looking to raise $2,100 to help cover the costs.

“He is very very young, he’s only 11," she said. "He has an entire life to live and this is his first step to recovery so that he ultimately can be re-homed and find his forever home.”

According to WKBW, horses can live up to 25-30 years of age. Once rehabbed, the ranch will re-home Louie and are looking for adoptive families.

To donate to the ranch, click here.

To find out more about adopting a horse, click here.


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