If you are looking for some deals chances are you have spent some time driving around town shopping at garage and yard sales.

Wouldn't it be nice to have tons of deals all on one road that stretch for miles? There is one place you can have it all in New York. It is dubbed "The Longest Yard Sale In New York" and takes place over 50 miles.

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The Route 90 - 50 Mile Garage Sale, is the longest yard sale in New York and happens once a year along the 90 from Montezuma in the northern part of the state to the Village of Homer in the south of the region.

The yard sale is organized by the towns and villages along the route and this event has turned into much more than a yard sale. It has almost taken on a festival vibe. There are people selling, buying, partying, eating, playing music, and so much more.

The yard sale is open to anyone who wants to sell items during the event. You will just have to contact the local town or village for guidelines before setting up shop.

Now if this sounds like a great idea for selling or buying, you are going to have some time to plan for the event. We just missed it. The Longest Yard Sale in New York happens every year during the last weekend of July, which means it just took place last weekend.

The good news is that you now have a whole year to dig through your stuff to find what you want to sell or start a collection to see what you want to buy next year!

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