This looks like a riot!

If you ever go around Buffalo Craigslist, you can find some of the strangest things that people are selling or even just trying to get rid of so they will give it to you for free.

When we say strange we mean: STRANGE. Like over-the-top bizarre things.

Does anyone remember the craigslist ad that was up for free positive pregnancy tests? For 20 bucks you could go and get someone (obviously who is pregnant) to give you a positive pregnancy test.

Anyway, there is always some interesting free goods. There is an Alcohockey table that you can get in Buffalo. In Canada, they play this a lot and it looks like a lot of fun.

It is like beer pong....but the Canadian version.

You cut holes in the air hockey table and if you get scored on then you have to take a drink. Once that certain hole has been scored on then you cover it up with your cup and defend what you have left and the last person who holes still 'open' is the winner.

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