This Looks Like Fun: The Buffalo Adventure Scavenger Hunt
This is pretty fun and unique to Buffalo. It's a fun thing you can do with your friends or family and perfect for all ages. It will get you outside and have some fun, all while exploring our city. It's called Puzzeling Adventures. 
It's an adventure race and a scavenger hunt all r…
Has Anyone in Buffalo Played Cow Plop Bingo–This Is Hilarious
Maybe it's because I'm from Lancaster, I have no clue what Clay Moden was trying to tell me yesterday morning. We were talking about some of our favorite lawn games/Fair games, and Clay told me about one that had me dying laughing, but honestly, we would love it if someone in the Southtown…
Play Ms. PAC-MAN
Every once in awhile something cool happens on your computer and now it's happening in Buffalo. This "Ms. PAC-MAN" feature in Google Maps has been around for awhile but never before could you play it on a map of Buffalo. It looks like that changed recently because now you can …
Higher Or Lower
Days in the office can sometimes drag on.  We do our best to help them fly-by but sometimes you just need a distraction or a healthy competition in the office.  If this is you, you need the Higher Or Lower game through Google.

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