Maybe it's because I'm from Lancaster, I have no clue what Clay Moden was trying to tell me yesterday morning. We were talking about some of our favorite lawn games/Fair games, and Clay told me about one that had me dying laughing, but honestly, we would love it if someone in the Southtowns helped us set this up.

Have you ever heard of Cow Plop Bingo?

Apparently, this is how it works:

  • Make you're 'pen' for the cow. Make a grid on the grass and enclose the cow so, he (or she) walks around the pen.
  • Obviously, make sure your cow is well fed the night before.
  • Try and get money ahead of time because this is a very timely event because it is all based on when the cow goes to the bathroom.
  • Each square has a number or graphic on there and you place your bet on where the cow will place it's droppings.
  • Grab some beers and your chair (socially distancing of course) and relax and wait for the cow to do its business.
  • How much is it? This is just an example of how most work. Of course you can do it however you'd like. Most times, chances on each square are sold for $5 and the winner receives $500 or 20% of the sales, whichever is less ($1 for every square sold.)

Many times you will see cow plop bingo set up for charities and non for profits. Have you ever done this before? How fun is it?

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