This is pretty fun and unique to Buffalo. It's a fun thing you can do with your friends or family and perfect for all ages. It will get you outside and have some fun, all while exploring our city. It's called Puzzeling Adventures. 

It's an adventure race and a scavenger hunt all rolled into one.

On the Eventbrite page, where you buy the tickets to join the adventure, here's what is going to happen:

Each adventure consists of a series of locations that you are guided to where you are required to answer questions or solve puzzles to receive your next instruction. All you need is your own mobile device and an Internet connection.

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This is perfect because you can form some teams AND you can even race each other. Where should you start? Now, technically you can start anywhere, but they recommend that you start in the AllPro parking lot at 221 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 which is right by the convention center. Now you can start with however many people you want, but they recommend that 3 or 4 is what you have otherwise it gets to be too many people.

You can buy tickets for the adventure and to begin your scavenger hunt, here. It's 20 bucks and totally worth a fun day. You don't need to print anything once you purchase the adventure/game--just show up and begin!

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