Isn't it crazy how we suddenly have Buffalo Bills football already? It seems like COVID has made time seem so slow, yet so fast at the same time. Tailgating has been a bit different too, and since fans can't come to the stadium, it's going to be a strange situations. Will there be the fake sound of fans in the stadium? How can the fans make a difference at home?

This week, running back Devin Singletary has designed the Buffalo Fan Box. Singletary rushed 10 times yesterday for 56 yards and caught 2 of 3 passes during Bills' 31-28 win at Miami.


Plus this shirt, you will get a bottle opener and 4 koozies.

Each week part of the proceeds go to a different charity chosen by the player who designed boxes. They are 45 bucks each. If you buy the remainder of the boxes, you will get a discount.

The other players who have designed boxes on the Bills that you will see later this season:


  • Josh Allen
  • Tremaine Edmunds
  • Dion Dawkins
  • Cody Ford
  • Dawson Knox
  • Cole Beasley


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