The scams just keep on coming.  And this one isn't easy to "chill" about.  It could fool you if you're a Netflix subscriber.

So many people have cut cable these days and they rely on their streaming services to keep them entertained.  While many people will be looking for some down time around the holidays to "Netflix and chill," authorities are warning people to be aware of a new scam.

According to WIVB, this scam targets both people who are subscribers and even those who aren't.

You'll find it in your email - a message that asks you to update your Netflix payment information.  What's something that will stand out about it?  The email doesn't address people by their first name. It just starts with "Dear."

While this seems like a pretty common thing, Netflix reminds its users to never enter their login or financial details after following a link in an email.

It's sick that some people prey on others this way and I'm sure, find a way to fool many into divulging their personal information.  Be aware, and always check to make sure that the company you are giving information to is the official company.

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