It might not be as full of a house as we want it when the show returns on Netflix in 2016. Lori Loughlin was on Access Hollywood last night an revealed that the deal is not sealed for many of the former cast members. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and herself have yet to complete negotiations. She pretty much infact she did say that they want what John Stamos was paid. As far as the Olsen twins, Loughlin says that she is sure they've reached out to them but she's not even sure they would be interested. I guess only time will tell with "Fuller House"... I mean, whatever happen to predictability?

UPDATE: According to sources the Olsen twins found out about the remake whent he rest of us did. They say that they will talk with the powers at be and see what happens. They also said they would reach out to Bob Saget to see what he thinks of the situation. So long story short - they haven't ruled it out.

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