Tuesday morning's announcement that American Idol will return for a third season in 2020 did not mention anything about the judges, but Luke Bryan says they're talking. The country singer also reveals a formula he's considering for salary negotiations.

Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie have been teamed up for each of the first two seasons of American Idol on ABC, with host Ryan Seacrest making the leap from Fox in 2018 and radio personality Bobby Bones being added as mentor. Bryan says he could not be more proud of what they've put on television, and he's hopeful the gang will return again next year.

“Love that a third season is on the way. All things feel positive that me and Lionel and Katy will be back. We’re doing the business of the business," he says.

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Bryan says he's worked hard to improve from his debut season in 2018 and loves meeting fans who appreciate how they interact with the contestants on the show. Their style of judging is much different from that of the show's most famous judges: Simon Cowelll, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. They're kinder and less controversial.

“When Ryan Seacrest sends you a text message going, ‘Thank you for really making this brand … a great brand’ it’s something that we’re proud of. It’s something I enjoy doing," Bryan says. "It’s something that I work hard at.”

On a less serious note, Bryan joked that he was asking for about $180 million to return next season (the Wall Street Journal reported he made $12 million in 2018).

“I always like to find out what Blake (Blake Shelton) is making on The Voice and just do it $1 more than him,” Bryan says.

“I gotta go play a Blake thing at the end of the month," he adds, referring to a Memorial Day Weekend show in Tishomingo, Okla. "I’m gonna get him all liquored up and he’s gonna tell me his salary and then I can come back and tell Idol what I want."

For what it's worth, the most recent reports of Shelton's salary put him at about $13 million. The WSJ says Perry got $25 million for Season 1 and Richie got $10 million.

Season 2 of American Idol on ABC ends on Sunday (May 19).

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