If you ordered anything online, there is a chance that you see some serious delays on when your item will be delivered. Don't expect it to get to you quickly.

If you need to do any online ordering, you might want to do that before the end of next week. By August 1, UPS workers may not show up to work.

If a strike does happen, it would be the first since a 15-day walkout by 185,000 workers crippled the company a quarter century ago. Since then, UPS has become an even bigger part of the U.S. economy. UPS says it delivered 24.3 million packages daily in 2022, totaling 6.2 billion packages by year’s end. That’s about a quarter of all U.S. parcel volume, according to the global shipping and logistics firm Pitney Bowes", according to WIVB.

Why is UPS going on strike?

Workers are trying to get higher pay, more full-time jobs and better workplace health and safety conditions. UPS said that it will come back to the Union with a better offer. If there is no deal reached on August 1, the strike could start and it would mean that millions of people across the United States would be seriously effected.

What is going to happen if the UPS workers go on strike?

UPS says they have a backup plan, but there is no way that it will be as efficient as if the deal gets done. They will have train more non-union workers to do deliveries and work.

What does this mean for Amazon?

You may see your Amazon delivery driver get a little bit busier if people start ordering more on Amazon to ensure they get their purchases.

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